The difference between hereditary diseases from other diseases

The difference between inherited diseases and other diseases stems from the inherent fact that inherited diseases are, well, inherited. These genes are able to be passed down through generations – specifically, gene mutations are able to be passed down through generations. While most other non-inherited diseases are caused by pathogenic organisms, lifestyle choices and other similarly external factors, inherited diseases are caused by one’s own internal mechanism – their genes, or more specifically a mutation in the genes. These genetic mutations may or may not express themselves phenotypically due to a number of factors, but the mere presence of these in the genome increases one’s likelihood of developing the disease later on in life. When genetic mutations are expressed phenotypically, they are expressed through protein malfunctions. Something is wrong with the genetic code, so the resulting protein product must be defective in some way. This generally causes problems for the individual in the form of a specific, rare illness.

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