2.1 wrong The essence of Precision Oncology.

Dr. Tan is seeing a patient with breast cancer. Based on his acquired knowledge so far he is considering genomics diagnostics.

But where does he begin? He has learned from colleagues and online courses to start with some of the "W-questions", who, what, and when.

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Precision Oncology is the current buzzword among doctors and researchers. The therapies that work with Patient A, may not work at all with Patient B, Since cancer, also of the same type, genetically differs from patient to patient. With the rise of a range of diagnostics, scientists can differentiate patients and their cancer, creating customized treatment regimens unique to a patient. 

The essence of precision oncology is to make cancer management more accurate for each patient based on genomic mapping and the molecular characterization of the unique tumors. This includes diagnosis, prognosis, treatment plan, treatment monitoring, and genetic counseling.

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