Molecular Biology

Lesson 5. Laboratory Design

Workplace design varies across different work environments, generally depending on a workplace’s objectives and desired outcomes. Nonetheless, an effective workplace design brings out the best level of productivity possible while keeping employees safe and healthy. Pacific Prime Singapore, a registered insurance broker, defines workplace design as “the process of designing, organizing, and planning a workplace

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Lesson 3. Common Bioinformatic Tools for Genomic Research

One of the pioneers in the field of bioinformatics is American physical chemist, Margaret Oakley Dayhoff. Having seen the potential of computers, she pioneered the application of computational methods in studying biology and medicine. Because of this, she was known as the founder of bioinformatics. From 1958 to 1962, together with physicist Robert Ledley (who

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Wrap Up

You started this course with a label of a COVID-19 assay. If you reread it, are you comfortable enough to order it now? Dr. Tan thinks back to the beginning of this course and reading the description of a COVID-19 assay. He now feels more confident, knowing the used techniques, to explain this to his

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