104 Infectious Diseases Fundamentals

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The Fundamentals of Infectious Diseases

A friend of yours asks your opinion, on the symptoms she noticed on her 14-year old son. A cough, a slightly higher temperature.

What to make of it? Is it a corona-virus infection, just a common cold, a latent TB, or perhaps the early stage of influenza? What should she do?

Commonly known symptoms, but what is causing them?

Learn about infectious diseases

Welcome to this introductory course and learn more about infectious diseases. This course shares insights on some of the viruses, bacteria, and parasites, that have the most impact on our health. We start with an overview of these organisms and then zoom in on the most impactful ones. We cover diagnostics and basic treatments. We will also dive into public health issues. And with the current pandemic at hand, Covid is on the agenda as well.


This course is developed and owned by PHIX Genomics Inc., inspired by its’ mission to bring genomic innovations to the Philippines and SE Asia. The PHIX Genomics Academy is happy to invite you to take this e-learning free of charge.

Key concepts covered

  • An introduction to infectious organisms
  • Our immune system
  • Health care responses
  • Major health issues in the Philiippines
  • The organization of a national health system

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Your investment

Completing this course will take about 60 minutes of your time. It is a mandatory module to certify for the curricula PHIX Certified Internist Genomics Practitioner and PHIX Certified Pediatric Genomics Practitioner of the PHIX Genomics Academy.

Required knowledge

This course is a basic introduction to the world of communicable diseases. Preferably you have successfully finished our 101 module before entering this 104 course. 

How will you learn?

This essential course will feature a combination of theory and self-tests.  The course includes film, animation, exercises, and quizzes to help to embed learning and to deepen understanding of the key concepts.

At the end of the course, you will be presented with a final quiz. Achieving an 80% score will be rewarded with the PHIX Genomics Academy 104 Fundamentals of Infectious Disease Certificate. When you have finished the course you will receive the certificate 104 Infections Diseases, an important milestone in the curricula PHIX Certified Internist Genomics Practitioner and PHIX Certified Pediatric Genomics Practitioner.

In the bonus lesson, you will find extra material, such as links to additional information, a glossary, and the sources of the videos and images of third parties.

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  • When you feel you are happy with the material and ideas covered in a step, please ‘Mark as complete’. 
  • You can then click ‘next lesson’ to continue or return to earlier lessons. 
  • You can always come back to a step even after the end of the course. 
  • The final quiz at the end is the only part with a time limit. This will be explained at the end of the course.