204 Application of Genomics to Infectious Diseases

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Scientific Advancements of Genomics in the field of Infectious Diseases

The next pandemic – when could it be?

This question puzzles many. So, what are you going to answer, as a professional?

You probably start by simply saying: tomorrow! Then the next questions are:

Are we well enough prepared? What can we do to prevent such an event? How can we minimize the impact on population health and economic costs?

And, should we only look at communicable diseases affecting humans, or take a broader perspective and look at (agri-)animal and plant diseases as well?

This is not just an academic exercise by a bunch of nerdy gene hunters. This is an effort will transform medicine. The Genome Project gave us the letters of the DNA that we all share

Francis Collins, Physician-Geneticist, led the Human Genome Project (HGP)

The world of genomics is a huge world even on its own. Applying genomics in medicine and fighting infectious disease is a different world, complex but beautiful world. The following course will serve as gateway for everyone not just health professionals to learn this world of applied genomics. Will have you, the student of genomics from learning different emerging diseases, the advancements we have for combating these infectious diseases, the governing bodies that facilitate the planning, the publics’ knowledge of such advancements in the field, and what the future holds for applied genomics technology.

Required knowledge

This course is the next step in the world of communicable diseases. Preferably you have successfully finished our 101, 104, and 105 modules before entering this 204 course. 

How will you learn

Each course consists of several lessons (chapters), with each of several topics. The course includes film, animation, exercises, and quizzes to help to embed learning and to deepen understanding of the key concepts.
At the end of the course, you will be presented with a final quiz. Achieving an 80% score will be rewarded with the PHIX Genomics Academy 204 Genomics Certificate.

Key concepts covered

  • How infectious diseases are primarily transmitted in South East Asian countries
  • Handlings and governance within these regions
  • Large-scale testings and region capacities for combating infectious diseases
  • How we can immunize ourselves in fighting these diseases
  • Know some of the most promising advancements in genomic technologies applied in our current age tackling infectious diseases
  • Learn the ethical and moral dilemmas surrounding ideas on surveillance when dealing with high-tech and big data that come into consideration in applied biotechnology and genomics


This course is developed and owned by PHIX Genomics Inc., inspired by its’ mission to bring genomic innovations to the Philippines and SE Asia. The PHIX Genomics Academy is happy to invite you to take this e-learning free of charge.

Your investment

This course will approximately take 60 minutes. It is a mandatory module to certify for the curricula PHIX Certified Internist Genomics Practitioner and PHIX Certified Pediatric Genomics Practitioner of the PHIX Genomics Academy.

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