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On a typical day at the office, you overhear your co-workers chat about a new weight loss and dieting fat.

“So, I recently applied to be one of the respondents for this weight loss trial. They said they’d be looking at my genes and building my new diet from there. Just the thought of finally losing weight is exciting!”

“Wow, that sounds almost too good to be true.”

“It does, doesn’t it? I’ve been told that basing my diet on my genes would mean it’s entirely specific to me and me only. And hey, you should join the trial too!”

“I don’t know. That sounds too complicated, and I’m scared it might only harm my health and fitness. What is the procedure even called?”

“I didn’t quite catch the name, honestly. Nutrition-nomics? Nutri-nomics? Oh, it doesn’t matter. As long as I get to finally lose weight!”

With your background in genomics, you have probably heard the term before – [gloss]nutrigenomics [/gloss]. This field is just one of the many branches of genomics that promises a world of advanced precision healthcare. With nutrigenomics, as one of your co-workers has mentioned, one can determine the specific effects of food and its active components on the human genome. This, in turn, affects the individual’s gene expression and, ultimately, their quality of health and overall well-being [1].

From Course 101, we have left off with a general understanding of genomics and genomic medicine. We understood that genomic medicine is an emerging field of study with vast applications capable of performing precision medicine and expert diagnostics. We have also tackled the fundamentals of genomics which looks at the entire collection of our DNA – the genome.

In this course, we will be diving much deeper into the world of genomics. First, we will solidify our knowledge of the molecular biology of the gene, familiarizing ourselves with its components and their implications on gene expression. Then, we will get hands-on and explore the varying applications of genomics, from the basic protocol of a typical genomics setup to the more advanced practices such as nutrigenomics.

Required knowledge

This course tackles genomics more in-depth, delving into the application side of genomics. Before taking this course, it is ideal that the course-taker at the least has finished courses 101 and 105.

Key concepts covered:

  • The Central Dogma and the importance of gene expression
  • Genome evolution
  • Gene- and genome-wide expression profiling
  • The general protocol for genomics
  • Applications and branches of genomics

Learning Objectives

  • Understand and describe the Central Dogma to understand gene expression
  • Differentiate the structures of DNA and RNA, their corresponding hierarchical organization, and their components
  • Identify mechanisms for turning genes on or off and how these work to regulate gene expression
  • Know the process of genome evolution, its mechanisms, and the contrast between eukaryotic and prokaryotic genomes
  • Be familiar with gene and genome-wide expression profiling and its potential in clinical diagnostics, trait analysis, and the discovery of essential biomarkers
  • Explore the basic steps and protocol of a typical genomic workflow
  • Enumerate different applications and branches of genomics to realize its usability, potential, and future directions

Your investment

This course will take approximately 45 minutes to an hour. It is a mandatory module to certify for the curricula PHIX Certified Internist Genomics Practitioner and PHIX Certified Pediatric Genomics Practitioner of the PHIX Genomics Academy.

How will you learn?

Each course consists of several lessons (chapters), with each of several topics. The course includes film, animation, exercises, and quizzes to help embed learning and deepen understanding of the key concepts.

At the end of the course, you will be presented with a final quiz. Achieving an 80% score will be rewarded with the PHIX Genomics Academy 201 Advanced Genomics Certificate.


This course is developed and owned by PHIX Genomics Inc., inspired by its mission to bring genomic innovations to the Philippines and SE Asia. The PHIX Genomics Academy is happy to invite you to take this e-learning module at your own pace.

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