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DNA and bases CGTA

Can you explain this to your patient?

“This is a Real-Time PCR Coronavirus (COVID-19) CE IVD assay, an in vitro diagnostic test based on Real-Time PCR technology, developed for specific detection of SARS-CoV-2 viral RNA.
The probe system is based on the standard hydrolysis probe system known as TaqMan® Technology. The COVID19 specific probe is labeled with the FAM fluorophore and the internal control is labeled with the HEX fluorophore.”

You probably don’t want to nor need to.

But …. are you comfortable enough ordering something that you, being a highly qualified professional, don’t really understand?
After having taken this course you will have this comfort. Likely, some of the concepts covered in this e-learning you are already -more or less- familiar with. Refresh your memories, or take the quiz first and try skipping the topic.

Cell life

Key concepts you will discover:

  • The current state of Molecular Biology.
  • The most common clinical bio-molecular techniques.
  • Bio-Informatics and its application explained.

Your investment.

This course will approximately take 45 minutes.

Required knowledge.

For a good understanding of terminologies and basic principles, it is advised to have finished the Genomics 101 module.

How will you learn?

The course includes film, animation, exercises, and quizzes to help you embed learning and to deepen understanding of the key concepts. There are knowledge checks where you take the role of a practicing doctor, with expert comments afterward, so you can learn from the experts in the field.
In the bonus lesson at the end you will find extra material, such as links to additional information, a glossary, and the sources of the videos and images of third parties.


Finishing this course will grant you with a certificate of participation.
It is a mandatory training to certify for all the curricula of the PHIX Genomics Academy.

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This course is developed and owned by PHIX Genomics Inc., inspired by its’ mission to bring genomic innovations to the Philippines and SE Asia. The PHIX Genomics Academy is happy to invite you to take this e-learning.
Participating in the course is free for those who have earned enough credit-points with other, successfully finished, trainings from the PHIX Genomics Academy.

Ready to start working on your career?

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– You can pause any time you want, go forward or back at your own choice. When you feel you are happy with the material and ideas covered in a step, please ‘Mark as complete’. You can then click ‘next lesson’ to continue or return to earlier lessons.
– You can always come back to a step even after the end of the course.
– The final quiz at the end is the only part with a time limit. This will be explained at the end of the course.