101 Genomics in modern-day healthcare.

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Your 14-year old daughter rushes into your office, and asks anxiously: “MJ’s mother is very ill, and she says her genes are causing this. But we all have genes, right? So, am I going to get ill as well?” 
What is it that genes do? And how can they make people sick? You take a deep breath and you quickly take a trip down memory lane for your classes on genetics.

What do you still know about genetics?

As a healthcare professional you will already have some – at the least – some basic knowledge on genetics. You are welcome to move directly to the final quiz and test your knowledge.

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Disappointed? No problem, just go on and fill in the blanks. Happy? That’s good. However, we still advise you to go over all the materials to see what’s new in there.

Genomic medicine is the field of study that uses genomic information from an individual’s genes for diagnostic and therapeutic decision-making, and for better understanding health care implications and preparing health care policy.

Genomics researches the complete and complex genetic make-up of organisms, which includes the whole genome (all DNA) and the interaction of genes with each other and with their environment. In a clinical setting, the advantages of using effective diagnoses and tailor-made treatments are obvious. With genomics at hand this becomes achievable.

This course will refresh your knowledge and brings it up to the level needed to be able to explain to your clients or patients (or to your 14-year old daughter) the role of chromosomes and their relation to health conditions. It also covers the fundamentals of genomics, as this is a prerequisite to our more advanced training modules, which offer greater in-depth applicability of genomics in healthcare.

Key concepts covered include:

  • Basics of chromosomes and their role.
  • Genomic variability
  • Genetic causes for cancer
  • Applications of genomics

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Your investment.

This course will approximately take 45 minutes.

Required knowledge.

This course is a basic introduction to our program of courses, which covers topics such as precision oncology and bioinformatics. This e-learning has been developed for healthcare professionals with little or no recent genomics knowledge. 

How will you learn?

Each course consists of several lessons (chapters), with each several topics. The course includes film, animation, exercises, and quizzes to help to embed learning and to deepen understanding of the key concepts.
At the end of the course you will be presented with a final quiz. Achieving an 80% score will be rewarded with the PHIX Genomics Academy 101 Genomics Certificate.
In the bonus lesson you will find extra material, such as links to additional information, a glossary, and the sources of the videos and images of third parties.

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  • You can pause any time you want, go forward or back at your own choice.
  • When you feel you are happy with the material and ideas covered in a step, please ‘Mark as complete’. You can then click ‘next lesson’ to continue or return to earlier lessons.
  • You can always come back to a step even after the end of the course.
  • The final quiz at the end is the only part with a time limit. This will be explained at the end of the course.