Prices and Conditions

Individual subscriptions

DESCRIPTION (with course 101 as free)

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Entry-level course

US$ 90

PHP 4,950

Advanced course

US$ 270

PHP 14,850

Technology Program bundle

2 entry-level courses + 2 advanced courses + Assessment

US$ 900

PHP 49,500

Practitioner Program bundle

3 entry-level courses + 3 advanced courses + Assessment

US$ 1,100

PHP 60,500

Specialist Practitioner’s Program bundle

5 entry-level courses + 5 advanced courses + Assessment

US$ 1,500

PHP 82,500

Student subscriptions

Students are offered a 50% discount. Most universities allow students to use a [] mail account, which makes it easy to verify whether they are really enlisted. Alternatively, proof of attendance, an endorsement letter, or any other form of authentication as a student can be submitted for verification. A discount coupon code will be provided to students, exclusively for their own use. If you are a student, you may contact us to avail the discount.

Group subscriptions

Universities, Business Schools, or other institutions can purchase a subscription for additional student discounts. Prices will vary depending on the number of students, students’ participation, and several other factors. You may contact us for further discussion regarding group subscriptions.


Purchased courses can be completed at any time, and will stay available after completion. Courses can always be accessed through the Course Dashboard. 

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