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Our Standards for Course Design and Development

PHIX Academy is an extension of PHIX Genomics, a company committed to bringing genomic technologies to the Philippines. One of these ways is to present an educational platform that discusses advancements in the medical field, specifically the integration of genomics in handling diseases.


The courses offered in the program are mainly for life science, medical and healthcare professionals and students who want to obtain more knowledge about genomics and its application in clinical practice. There are two course levels: beginner and advanced, and additional certification programs – and each step is a pre-requisite to the higher category.



The platform adheres to Reporting Item Standards for Education and its Evaluation in Genomics (RISE2 Genomics), a set of standards for the design, delivery, and development of genomics education.



Courses are developed, based on, and aligned with the competencies established by the Inter-Society Coordinating Committee for Physician Education in Genomics (ISCC) and with a study published under BMC Medical Education.


Our Essentials


101: Genomics in Modern-Day Healthcare

Revisit your understanding of fundamental gene concepts while simultaneously gaining knowledge of recent advancements in the field. Completion of this course is required before proceeding to subsequent courses.

102 Oncology Genomics

102: Basics of Genomics and Oncology

Is cancer a genetic disease? What is ‘Precision Oncology’? Expand your understanding of genomics as it pertains to the field of oncology. Pre-requisite for Course 202: Precision Oncology.


103: Genes, Inherited Diseases, and Pregnancy

Are you familiar with inherited diseases? Be acquainted with genetic disorders through this course including data relevant to the Philippines. Pre-requisite for Course 203: Inherited Diseases in Detail.

104 Infectious Diseases

104: Infectious Diseases Fundamentals

Acquire fundamental knowledge about infectious diseases and explore the potential of genomics in improving control efforts. Pre-requisite for Course 204: Application of Genomics to Infectious Diseases.


105: Introduction to Molecular Biology

Gain new insights on cell-to-cell molecular interactions, including synthesis, modifications, and interactions at the molecular level. Pre-requisite for Course 205: Scientific Advancements in Diagnostics.

Our Advanced Courses


201: Advanced Genomics in Depth

Explore the various ways in which genomics contributes to clinical diagnostics, biomarker analysis, and beyond. Discover its present-day and promising future contributions to diverse fields.

202 Newest Precision Oncology

202: The Potential of Precision Oncology

With comprehensive genomic profiling, unleash the power of precision medicine, pinpointing therapies tailored to the patient’s genetic makeup for optimal outcomes and reduced side effects.


203: Inherited Diseases in Detail

Possess a better grasp of the molecular, diagnostic, and treatment aspects of inherited and metabolic diseases. Learn about different computational approaches utilized for ID diagnosis and treatments like gene therapy.


204: Application of Genomics to Infectious Diseases

Learn how to apply diverse genomic technologies in treating infectious diseases effectively, along with insights on public, governmental, and health sector attitudes towards innovative high-tech approaches.


205: Scientific Advancements in Diagnostics

Learn about technological advancements in PCR, sequencing, and bioinformatics. In addition to these, learn how workflow automation and efficient laboratory designs keep on transforming genomics research.

Our Practioner Programs


C02: PHIX GENOMICS Certified Precision Oncology Practitioner

This program of 6 courses and a final training and assessment covers all relevant knowledge on precision oncology, starting from its genetic roots to its developments over the years. Completion of the assessment certifies you to be a PHIX GENOMICS Certified Precision Oncology Practitioner.


C03: PHIX GENOMICS Certified Inherited Disease Practitioner

Enrolling in this program gives you access to the courses discussing inherited diseases, its molecular foundations, and its technological advancements. Once completing the final assessment, you will be certified as a PHIX GENOMICS Certified Inherited Disease Practitioner.


C04: PHIX GENOMICS Certified Infectious Diseases Practitioner

The program of 6 courses and a final training ans assessment encompasses the genetic aspects of infectious diseases and the associated technologies to treat, monitor, and even control them. After passing the final assessment, you will be a PHIX GENOMICS Certified Infectious Diseases Practitioner.

glasses in front of data-screen

C05: PHIX GENOMICS Certified Technology Practitioner

This program of 4 courses and a final training and assessment focuses on the technologies used in the field of Genomics and its molecular mechanisms. Passing the final assessment makes you a certified PHIX GENOMICS Technology Practitioner.


C10: PHIX GENOMICS Certified Specialist

Choose this program of 10 courses and a final training and assessment to become an all-round genomics specialist. After your successful assessment, this program certifies you as PHIX GENOMICS Certified Specialist.


What Our Students* Have to Say

* Identities faked for privacy reasons

The use of genomics in caring for patients is increasing in routine diagnosis and treatment. Using Phix Genomics has been very advantegeous for me to introduce genomics in my practice.
Glenn Enriquez
I want to know everything I can about the use of DNA information, to better help patients and their families. My competencies have increased hugely because of Phix Genomics.​
Raquel Dela Rosa
To be able to take courses at my own pace and rhythm has been an amazing experience. I can learn whenever it fits my schedule and mood.
Frank Jones
It's important for me to be able to keep learning, to translate new information into practice to make a difference for patients, their families and communities.
Domingo Aujero
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